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How to Use Carisoprodol Muscle Relaxant Safely

Carisoprodol does wonders for people who are experiencing severe acute pain from injury or accident. However, you should learn how to use this prescription medication safely.

Of course, this short list of tips is not going to replace advice given to you by your doctor. However, it will alert as to how to prevent from abusing this drug.

Tips for Users

Remember the most obvious tip of all that it only should be used by you if it was prescribed by you. Furthermore, you should only use it if you can find no other way to deal with your extremely painful joints and muscles.
Furthermore, remember the following:

  1. Never take more than the recommended dosage prescribed to you. This would be either 250mg or 350mg three times a day and at bedtime.
  2. This oral pain treatment is typically only used for up to three weeks. If you are using it for longer than this time, there is a cause for concern. You might be addicted.
  3. If you miss a dose just wait until the next scheduled dosage. An overdose could cause extreme drowsiness or other concentration problems. This could cause accidents.
  4. If you notice any severe problem such as hyperventilation or racing heartbeat, contact a doctor or emergency personnel immediately. You may be at risk of high blood pressure or even a heart attack.
  5. Before you receive a prescription for Carisoprodol, alert your doctor of any health problems. You should also inform this professional of any medications or supplements you also take. This will prevent intensification of negative reactions.
  6. In the worst-case scenario, an accidental or intentional overdose could cause death. If you are inclined to be suicidal this may not be the right medication for you.
  7. If you have a history of drug abuse, you probably should not use this drug. It could be very habit forming and you would end up having a new addiction.
  8. Notice that typical side effects while using Carisoprodol are very mild. They include drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. Usually, the severity of these problems is very low as long as taken correctly.
  9. People who use Carisoprodol for longer than the duration specified could be at increased risk for cardiovascular problems. Facial flushing and other complications would also occur which indicates high blood pressure.
  10. Additional side effects as a result of long-term use include these: tremor, severe depression, irritability, headache, ataxia, agitation, and seizures. Insomnia is also a common side effect in prolonging users.

Valuable Drug Interaction Info

For your own safety, you should be made aware of all Carisoprodol drug interactions. At the very least, you should become aware of the most common bad reactions.

Common Interactions

The highest level of negative reaction between Carisoprodol and other drugs is that of this drug mixed with controlled substances and depressants. It especially should not be mixed with alcohol and of course illegal street drugs.
It should also not be mixed with certain other relaxants or painkillers. Persons using Carisoprodol are also at a higher risk if they take it with tricycle antidepressants or benzodiazepines. People using opioids should also watch out, and so should people who use aspirin, ibuprofen, or another common over the counter products.

Certain types of herbal supplements and vitamin formulas may also not be used with Carisoprodol. For a complete guide as to what not to take with this drug, you should consult your doctor or other trained healthcare professional.
With that in mind, you should be aware that over 600 drugs interact with Carisoprodol. Most of these reactions are moderate while one of them is minor. Knowing this, you can see the importance of verifying its ability to benefit you without harming you.

Additional Interaction Warnings

Carisoprodol is also not recommended for use with patients who are received medical or psychological treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. It may also counteract three major diseases: Porphyria, Drug Dependence, and Renal/liver disease.
People with kidney problems or people who suffer the following conditions should also be cautious: blood disorders, porphyria, asthma, any allergies.

Carisoprodol Side Effects

One of the most common problems noticed in users of Carisoprodol is that they feel lightheaded when getting up or sitting down too quickly. Furthermore, people who take it on an empty stomach might get a stomachache.

Further side effects include these:Heartburn, headache, drowsiness, or dizziness (or lightheadedness as already mentioned). Usually, these are not a problem unless they become more severe or frequent-as if you are about to faint.

Additional problems may include persistent severe stomach pain, rapid heartbeat, rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or shortness of breath. If you experience these, contact a medical professional immediately.

Usage Notes

It is very important that you realize that Carisoprodol was only meant as a temporary solution for relieving pain. If you have chronic back or headaches, for instance, you may need a different type of treatment.

Carisoprodol Dangers You Should Know

Carisoprodol is a muscular painkiller that has helped many people. However, using it does not come without its risks.

Carisoprodol dangers include drug interactions and side effects. These may occur during regular usage as instructed or from overdose or prolong usage.

Dangers associated with this potentially habit-forming drug include this list:

It could cause former drug addicts or alcoholics to relapse. It is potentially habit-forming although some research indicates it is not a controlled substance.

Accidents can be caused by taking too much of this drug. This is due to the side effect of slower reaction times and/or drowsiness.

This drug could be dangerous to people who already are having severe health problems. For instance, it can make life worse for people who have liver or kidney trouble. It also can intensify asthmatic attacks.

Bad reactions can occur in people using Carisoprodol if they mix it with other substances. One of the most obvious mistakes would be to mix it with alcohol. Of course, another “no-no” would be to combine it with certain other depressants or stimulants.

It might not react well with common over the counter medications or herbal supplements. You should ask your doctor before you accept a prescription for use of Carisoprodol.

Carisoprodol could be harmful to unborn babies or nursing infants. Tell your doctor if you know you are pregnant or you are nursing. A pregnancy test and thorough checkup are recommended before using.

Common Drug Interactions

More specifically, one of the most prevalent Carisoprodol dangers is that when mixed with other drugs, herbs, or supplements. It reacts negatively when interacting with certain sleeping pills/sedatives, tranquilizers/relaxants, narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants, allergy medications, or cough medicines.

Carisoprodol Overdose

Whether you are currently experiencing a bad reaction as a result of overdose or accidental wrong drug mixture call for help. Emergency assistance or non-emergency doctor’s advice will help depending on your situation.

Of course, you may not be experiencing any major problems at this time. However, you may notice trouble later on. Your doctor or other healthcare professional can help you monitor yourself ahead of time even if right now you notice no symptoms from taking too much.

Furthermore, you can prevent further problems if you do not try to make up for a missed dosage. Just take the next dose at the properly scheduled time, or as soon after your last scheduled dose as possible.

If you are concerned about dosage overlap, your doctor can help you with this as well. It is different for every medicine.

Prevention: Mild, Moderate, and Severe Carisoprodol Side Effects

Carisoprodol is a medication that has benefited numerous amounts of people. However, mild to severe side effects have been noted in users.

You should be careful and learn what you can expect while using it. Please read all the possible complications with taking this temporary muscle relaxant and painkiller.

Mild Symptoms

Mild symptoms associated with using Carisoprodol include light headaches and dizziness. Sometimes people who use it also feel tired or they might feel a bit nauseous. An upset stomach can also occur if taken while hungry.


Facial flushing can either be a moderate symptom if you are not experiencing any additional problems such as rapid heartbeat. Redness on the face, arms, or other parts of the body might occur.

Allergy symptoms you already experience may also become more intensified. For instance, if it is normal for you to sneeze or a cough frequently this problem could worsen.

You could possibly become sick or get colds a little bit easier as well. However, in this case, it would not be life-threatening. You may vomit occasionally too. If you do, you should be on the alert for worsening of flu or cold symptoms.

Severe Symptoms

The most severe side effects/symptoms associated with using Carisoprodol include fainting, shortness of breath, and intensification of asthma attacks, seizures, heart palpitations, and severe anxiety.

In the worst-case scenario, you could lose consciousness. You could even die, but that is highly unlikely. (Although, being in a coma could hardly be much worse!).


Realize that the most severe problems related to using Carisoprodol are when this medication is abused. For instance, if you give it to someone of whom it is not prescribed it could unknowingly be mixed with other drugs or substances that could cause a negative reaction.
Only the person to whom this medication was prescribed should use it. Another way to prevent severe reactions and side effects is to not take a double dose if you miss your last scheduled dose.

Just take it as soon as you can to your next scheduled dose or as soon as you remember afterward. Another very important preventative aspect is to take this product for the specified time unless otherwise directed by your medical doctor.

Knowing the window time that can pass before it is safe to take your next dose also helps. This is beneficial in the event you may forget to take it once in awhile but do not want to wait too long to take it again.


Carisoprodol is not recommended for children and uses on teens should be monitored very careful-if prescribed to a teen at all. This drug can be at least mildly habit-forming and can cause drug addicts to relapse.
Use it wisely and be careful. Otherwise, you could endanger yourself. In the worst-case scenario, unconsciousness or even death could occur as a result of a bad reaction or overdose.

Carisoprodol Review: Is it safe?

You may have heard about Carisoprodol, otherwise known as carisoprodol. You may have heard some good things about it as well as some bad.

You might be wondering according to what you have heard whether or not it is the best solution for you. There is only one way to relieve your fears or answer your questions.

Some of the most asked questions associated with Carisoprodol usage are presented below:

Who can use Carisoprodol?

People who have an acute back problem or other injuries can use it. It is not recommended for chronic pain management.

How long should this drug be used?

No one should use this drug for more than two to three weeks. Serious problems such as heart attacks or even unconsciousness or death could eventually be the result. At the very least, normal bodily functions such as coordination or concentration could be interrupted.

What are the most common side effects?

Usually, dizziness or drowsiness is what most often occurs. Occasionally if a user takes it on an empty stomach it can cause a stomach ache.

For what is this pain medicine most often used?

Most of the time it is used for spasms and pains in the lower back. However, it can relax muscles anywhere you might hurt.

Is Carisoprodol addictive?

It can be. According to the FDA, the biggest concern would be regarding former or current drug addicts. People who consume alcohol on a regular basis could also become dependent on it and cause heighten health risk.

Can Carisoprodol cause a bad reaction when mixed with other drugs?

Yes, there is a possibility of it. According to numerous reports it should not be used with certain allergy medications or antidepressants. It should also not be used with alcohol or cough medicine.

There is a long list of hundreds of drugs and/or over the counter medications of which should not be mixed with Carisoprodol. You should beware of these.

Can I give this drug to someone else?

It is not recommended, nor is it legal in most states or countries to pass it along to someone without proper authorization. The only doctor can prescribe it to you and another user needs to consult a physician to get his or her own medication.

What if I have more questions?

You should ask your doctor. He or she can alert you of all the reasons that this medication would be either right or wrong for you.

What is Carisoprodol?

It is a muscle relaxant that is used to relieve pain. Most of the time it helps relieve lower back spasms.

For what is it used?

It helps relieve acute pain in the body. This is done in order to help a person who has just suffered a serious injury who is currently in physical therapy.

What precautions should be taken while using Carisoprodol?

You should alert your doctor of current health problems. You should also let him or her know about current medications or supplements you take both prescription and over the counter. Furthermore, you should be fully examined before being administering this drug.

Who should not use this drug?

It is typically not recommended for minors. It also is not one that should be used by drug addicts or alcoholics. It could be very easily abused.

Is this medication approved by the FDA?

As of September of 2007, it has been reported that Soma (a.k.a. carisoprodol) has been approved by the FDA. Still, a full checkup before usage is recommended and it is not for everyone.

How does this medication work?

It affects certain neurotransmitters as well as the nerves in the muscles themselves that signal pain. The pain signal that is normally sent to the brain is stopped.

Has this drug helped others?

Most of the people who have used Carisoprodol have benefited greatly. Generally, the problems usually most often occur with misuse or accidental overdose.

What if I accidentally overdose?

This can even happen to the most honest people who have never been addicted to a drug in their lives. If you already know you have overdosed but you are not yet experiencing trouble, you may want to consult a non-emergency medical staff member, doctor or nurse.

If you are serious symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or possible fainting call emergency personnel immediately. In this case, your life is on the line.

Where can I get more information about Carisoprodol?

Your doctor is the best resource. The internet is flooded with facts and info about it as well. The more you research the drug, the safer you are likely to be. It is best if you seek information from sources you trust, though.