Top 6 Deadly Drugs

deadliest drugs

All the drugs on this list are legal and if you're using them correctly it is great, good for you. And if not - don't use them!

This list is based on death rate according to the CDC. We stayed away from drugs like alcohol in tobacco, because they're just obvious and boring.

Synthetic Drugs.

These drugs have names like K2, Spikes, and N-bomb. But what are they really?

According to the DEA, these drugs are being marketed and sold as legal alternatives to marijuana, cocaine meth, and heroin. So you're probably asking yourself: "wait! they can make a heroin alternative legally?!". And you're also probably asking yourself where do I get some?! No, that's not the case!

The manufacturers of these drugs are staying one step ahead of the law by constantly changing the chemical composition of the drug and making a new drug that is not yet illegal. So, these drugs are sold overseas and online in bulk and lots of kids are buying them!

I couldn't find the exact number of deaths related to synthetic drugs because there's like 300 types out there. These synthetic drugs are so dangerous they can kill you in just one dose! So, seriously, stay far away from them!


This is the active ingredient in Tylenol - the most commonly used painkiller in America. Is it safe, right? No, it's not always safe!

I'm guessing like 90% of you have Tylenol in your house right now. Acetaminophen has caused many cases of liver failure, usually by overdose. But sometimes by people taking the correct dosage. In fact, about 10% of the deaths were people that were taking it correctly.

Wh thinks twice about popping a Tylenol? Lay off the three hundred people a year that die from it as reported by the CDC.

Synthetic opioid analgesics

These are also known as synthetically made prescription painkillers. These drugs are prescribed all the time to help patients manage intense pain, but they have some nasty side effects.

A drug like Demerol can slow and even stop your breeding, especially when first used or when the dose is changed. These drugs are especially dangerous and people that have asthma.

Another reason these painkillers are so dangerous is that they're extremely addictive and people often abuse them. Need a super famous example? Michael Jackson.

According, to the CDC these drugs killed over 2,600 people in 2011.


First of all, methadone has nothing to do with the street drug named meth. Methadone is used to help people who are going through withdrawals from other narcotic addictions like heroin, but it doesn't cause the high that's associated with the drug addiction.

Basically, they give you a drug to get you off another drug. That's confusing. So, it's better just to not do any drugs to begin with.

Unfortunately, sometimes people tend to get addicted to methadone just as they were addicted to heroin.

Some side effects of methadone may include labored breathing, diarrhea, hallucinations, seizures and sudden death. Sudden death is listed as a side effect!

The CDC reported that in 2011 over 4400 people died of methadone use.


Benzodiazepines are central nervous system depressants used to induce sleep, prevent seizures and relieve anxiety.

Examples include Xanax, Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam. I'm sure a lot of you know someone who takes Xanax and maybe you've even been casually offered one.

That's why these drugs hurt so many people because they don't really feel dangerous. But they are! Especially if you combine them with something else.

In 2011 there were more than 4000 deaths involved benzodiazepines. So, if you're gonna take a chill pill, don't let it be Xanax.

Natural And Semi-Synthetic Opiates

Natural opiates come from the opium poppy, which is why you can't fail a drug test from eating poppy seeds. However, poppy seeds will not get you loaded.

Natural opiates or things like Codeine and Morphine. Morphine is often used in hospitals for severe pain associated with surgery. Codeine is often found in prescription cough medicine.

We also have the semisynthetic opiates like Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, which are used to treat moderate to severe pain when around-the-clock pain relief is needed for an extended period of time. It is great unless you become addicted, and that sucks.

Natural and synthetic opiates were responsible for 11670 deaths in 2011. That is why say no to Oxycontin!

That is why only take drugs for what they are meant to be taken and just don't mess around with them.